Is Debbie Tilley Available?

Is Debbie Tilley available?
On June 28, 1995, yes that was 15 years ago, my rep, Richard Salzman received a call from the art director at Gallaudet University Press. Is
Debbie Tilley available to do samples for an up coming project? We're going to be publishing a signing dictionary for children, needing
around 1000 illustrations.... and that's how it all started....

Fast forward 15 years:
On December 4, 2010, Richard, my rep received an email from the Editorial Director of Gallaudet University press, they were ready to get started
on the Children's Sign Language Dictionary! I think that is the longest lead time in freelance history! As it turned out, I had been illustrating children's picture
books nonstop for a long time. The thought of doing 1,000 individual drawings sounded so great to me, I couldn't wait to get started.......

Sunday, April 17, 2011


NEVER, is one of those words where it's challenging to show something that didn't happen, or you've never done.  This is what I came up with, I think it works.  I know one thing I never thought I'd do is a  blog. Sharing my thoughts and little antidotes about my life, nope, not for me.    I'm much happier watching, than being watched.  But Joy Chu, the designer for this project told me,  "cmon  Deb, get with it, it's the  landscape of the future". It sounded funny to me,  like something you would have heard in the Carousel of Progress at Disneyland.   "You've got to get yourself out there, be heard and seen in cyber world".  So, ok, if this is what it takes to continue to get work as an illustrator then here I am.  At least this blog has a beginning, middle, and when I'm done with this job, an end.

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