Is Debbie Tilley Available?

Is Debbie Tilley available?
On June 28, 1995, yes that was 15 years ago, my rep, Richard Salzman received a call from the art director at Gallaudet University Press. Is
Debbie Tilley available to do samples for an up coming project? We're going to be publishing a signing dictionary for children, needing
around 1000 illustrations.... and that's how it all started....

Fast forward 15 years:
On December 4, 2010, Richard, my rep received an email from the Editorial Director of Gallaudet University press, they were ready to get started
on the Children's Sign Language Dictionary! I think that is the longest lead time in freelance history! As it turned out, I had been illustrating children's picture
books nonstop for a long time. The thought of doing 1,000 individual drawings sounded so great to me, I couldn't wait to get started.......

Monday, April 25, 2011


When I attended a Veterans Day event this year, there were a group of girls who performed some patriotic songs in sign language.  Every time their arms went straight up I thought it was for the word AMERICA, which I also thought represented the Statue of Liberty.  So that's how I came up with the image for AMERICA.  I don't remember which songs they performed and after watching all the patriotic songs being signed on Youtube I don't see anyone making that motion.... it's not America, freedom, bombs bursting in air, stars....If anyone out there knows what that sign means, let me know, it's bugging me.

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