Is Debbie Tilley Available?

Is Debbie Tilley available?
On June 28, 1995, yes that was 15 years ago, my rep, Richard Salzman received a call from the art director at Gallaudet University Press. Is
Debbie Tilley available to do samples for an up coming project? We're going to be publishing a signing dictionary for children, needing
around 1000 illustrations.... and that's how it all started....

Fast forward 15 years:
On December 4, 2010, Richard, my rep received an email from the Editorial Director of Gallaudet University press, they were ready to get started
on the Children's Sign Language Dictionary! I think that is the longest lead time in freelance history! As it turned out, I had been illustrating children's picture
books nonstop for a long time. The thought of doing 1,000 individual drawings sounded so great to me, I couldn't wait to get started.......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Word: BUSY

I wanted to take a minute to apologize to all my followers (and you four people know who you are).  There is a catch 22 in keeping the blog updated constantly,  I have to stop doing the work, to do the blog.  So in order to have a fast paced, action packed, updated by the minute blog, I would have to have no work.  Then, I wouldn't have anything to write about.  It's a problem.  A good example is Mr. Sheen.  Now that he has nothing to do, he has loads of time to tweet, blog and hawk t-shirts.  The problem is, he has nothing to say, except that he's out of work.  So, if you notice that I haven't added anything new lately, it means I'm BUSY.


  1. As one of your followers, I appreciate the updates, but although I check with hope on a daily basis, I don't really expect to find a new post every time. It makes it all the more exciting when I do find one!

  2. Debbie,
    I am an IRLS student at U of AZ and my paper on comparing two illustrators is due by midnight. You are GREAT and and I have "Hey, Little Ant" from my last masters program (conflict resolution. I love your work and can't wait for the Sign Language Dictionary.

    Dianne J. Warren